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TJ Calder Atlanta , United States

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About me

I Like State of Texas and Lego's, and Star Wars. And Halo3 and CoD4. And Robots and Computers and Books. I like to read books a lot and I love chocolate!


I like playing Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. I love reading hilarious signs and I love funny things people say.


I like some Weird Al songs, but I also listen to old classic songs.

Movies and TV:

My favorite movie of all time is Fanboys! It's about four Star Wars fans trying to get to Lucas Arts, but they get sidetracked a lot! My favorite TV shows have to be Warehouse 13 and Psych.


I run around in Gym, but I mostly just flex the old coconut when I'm at home. I'll walk around my neighborhood once in a while though with my dog.


I am part of a robotics league. We build robots out of Lego's and then program it using a special Lego part. We then make it go around a obstacle course made out of Lego's and try to lift things, pull things, carry things, and a lot more to get points in


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